About us

Guru Systems provides smart payment and data analytics for decentralised energy schemes, such as district heat and cooling networks.

We eliminate the two biggest risks faced by system operators: customer debt and hidden inefficiency. We do this by providing hardware and software platforms that our clients can use themselves or make available to their service providers to use on their behalf. We also provide data to help our clients and their engineers design and build systems that are fairer and more efficient, lower cost and lower carbon.

Founded in 2012, Guru Systems’s rapid success is down to the fact that we understand the challenges faced by our clients and provide technology that saves them money and helps them give provide an excellent service to their customers.


Casey Cole - Managing Director - Guru Systems
Casey Cole
Managing Director
Wesley Talbott
Wesley Talbott
Services Delivery Lead
Heather Salvador
Heather Salvador
Supply Chain Co-Ordinator
Joe O'Connor
Joe O’Connor
Machine Learning Researcher
Colin Swinbourne - Supply Chain and Quality Manager
Colin Swinbourne
Supply Chain and Quality Manager
David Altman - Finance Director
David Altman
Finance Director
Christopher Pfeiffer
Christopher Pfeiffer
Software and Systems Support Analyst
Hazel Rycroft
Hazel Rycroft
Marketing and Communications Manager


ADE Award - Innovation Award new

Housing Innovation Awards - Most Innovative Product new

Guardian Sustainable Business Awards - Start-up of the Year - new

Housing Innovation Awards - Most Innovative Product - award 2

CIBSE Award Win 2017

EI Awards - Technology 2


We are members of the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and our products and processes have been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.