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The Guru Hub provides residents with a simple way to control their own energy use and allows housing managers to flexibly manage debt risk. We’re pleased to say that the Guru Hub is designed and manufactured in the UK.


  • See everything

    The full colour display clearly shows the essentials: account balance, how much you’re using right now, tariff and standing charge, and carbon emissions.

  • Know everything

    The Guru Hub shows at a glance the cost and quantity of energy used today and over previous periods.

  • Track everything

    Full colour graphs make it easy to see your use of all connected utilities.

  • Feel secure

    Residents can top up their accounts by entering a secure code, even if there’s no internet connection.


The Guru Hub helps residents to take control of their energy consumption. The clear and simple touchscreen interface tells you all you need to know about usage, cost and carbon emissions.

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Take control of energy use

With up to five utility accounts on a Guru Hub, residents have essential information about all common utility services at their fingertips. The Hub’s simple touchscreen interface helps residents to manage their energy use and budget.

Integration with payment systems

For residents on prepay or other credit management plans, the Guru system can integrate with a range of payment platforms. Whether residents top up using direct debit, Paypoint, internet, telephone or SMS, payment messages cross our network in a flash. No more smart cards to lose. No need to trek down to the corner shop on rainy nights to top up. Just a simple system that lets residents pay in whatever way suits them.

Local top-up

If there’s ever a problem with a site’s internet connectivity, residents can still top up.  When any top up payment is made, a special code is generated that can be keyed directly into the Guru Hub’s touchscreen.  When the code is entered, the resident’s account is topped up by the amount purchased.


The Guru Hub helps landlords and ESCOs to better manage their energy systems. From controlling debt risk to monitoring system performance, the Guru Hub gives scheme managers the information and security they need.

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Eliminates debt risk

The Guru Hub lets energy providers and landlords decide exactly how much debt risk to take on. Need to eliminate debt risk altogether? Guru Hub can ensure that customers stay in credit, and can disconnect the utility supply when customer account balance reaches zero. If you want to extend credit, but only up to a certain amount, Guru Hub can handle this too.

What’s more, the Guru system integrates with a range of payment platforms, including PayPoint, SMS, telephone and online payment. A simple, flexible service for your residents, whether they’re in the penthouse or a studio flat.


With up to five utility accounts on a single Guru Hub, landlords can manage all common utility services through a single system. This includes district heating and cooling, boosted cold water, private wire electricity and renewable energy networks.

Real-time data

Secure and always on, a Hub network provides a real-time view of site load and overall system efficiency. Landlords and energy managers can remotely and automatically read all utility meters connected to a Hub, eliminating the need for manual reads. This access to real-time data helps technicians diagnose maintenance problems remotely, potentially eliminating costly callouts.

Updatable over the air

Guru Hub software is updatable over the air. This helps to future proof the system and ensures patches or upgrades can be applied without needing access to homes.


The Guru Hub’s full colour touchscreen interface meets the requirements for an energy display for the Code for Sustainable Homes (ENE3) and BREEAM (ENE8).

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Meeting the Code

Following a warm discussion between the Code for Sustainable Homes service providers, it turns out there’s no such thing as a “Code compliant” product. Instead, the BRE insists that products are assessed on each and every project by a Code assessor.

So how do we know the Guru Hub meets the requirements of CSH ENE3 and BREEAM ENE8? We worked with Ecofirst Connect, the most knowledgeable and professional Code assessors we know, throughout the development process to ensure we toe the Code line.

Environmental Monitoring

The Guru Hub can take inputs from more than just utility meters. Its analog input and wireless connectivity allow it to connect to temperature and humidity sensors or just about any sensor with a standard output. On schemes where environmental monitoring is required, the Guru Hub provides a secure and affordable platform for measuring, processing and communicating information on environmental conditions.


We love the Guru Hub. But the way our testing team behaves, you wouldn’t know it.

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Tough love

To ensure the Guru Hub meets the toughest European standards for safety, our independent testers cooked the Hub for a week at over 90% humidity and then shocked it with 3,000 volts. They blasted it with water from a carefully calibrated garden hose. They bashed it with very scientific hammers. They even tried to nuke it with electromagnetic radiation. All to make sure it’s safe to install in homes.


All electronic products for sale in the EU must have a CE mark. A CE mark indicates that the manufacturer has done all necessary product tests, though not all CE-marked devices are created equal.

We were determined that the CE-marked Guru Hub system would meet the toughest EU standards for safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Independently verified

We stand firmly behind our CE mark. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve had our tests and design files independently audited by one of the UK’s top test houses to ensure they’re up to scratch.

Visit our Downloads page to view their findings.


We want to make installers’ lives as easy as possible, so we’ve made installing the Guru Hub a simple, two-part process.

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1. The Base

The robust Base portion of the Guru Hub is installed first, allowing electricians and other qualified trades to do the wiring and plumbing needed to integrate the Guru Hub into a home’s utility systems. Tested to IP43, the Base remains safe and secure while contractors finish their work.

2. The Controller

Once building work is complete, the Controller portion is installed and the Hub can be commissioned by technicians without electrical or plumbing qualifications.

The Installation & Set-up Guide

Get the Guru Hub Installation & Set-up Guide by contacting us.

Please note that the Guru Hub Installation & Set-up Guide is intended for use by authorised installers only.


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