Guru Pinpoint

Guru Pinpoint uses big data analytics to optimise the design and performance of new and existing heat networks.

Developed with support from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), our web-based platform makes it easy to visualise heat network performance data, remotely diagnose the causes of inefficiency and view suggested improvement measures ranked by cost-benefit.

Pinpoint uncovers hidden causes of inefficiency using powerful algorithms to capture learning from multiple networks.

For the first time, developers, operators and engineers can now visualise, share and use anonymised data from across UK networks – including flow and return temperatures and peak load data, stamping out inefficiency and delivering better reliability and value to end customers. 

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01 The Data

The system accepts data from building management systems, M-bus data loggers or manual entry.


02 Analyse

Guru Pinpoint uses powerful machine learning algorithms to diagnose inefficiencies on heat networks.


03 Improve

Through a web-based platform operators can view costed-measures for improvement, including information on payback times.


04 Share

The platform allows operators to anonymously share key information on performance, including flow return rates and peak load data.


  • For developers

    Reduced costs

    UK heat networks are typically oversized with money wasted on plant and pipes. We estimate that developers could save up to 25 per cent on the cost of their M&E packages by sizing their networks correctly – and heat networks will be more efficient as a result.

    Quicker, smarter commissioning

    It’s usually only possible to check a small sample of dwellings on a network to ensure heating systems are commissioned properly. Too often, no check is carried out at all. Using Guru Pinpoint, the commissioning of HIUs, meters and even radiator circuits can be verified remotely for every flat, all from the comfort of your desk.

  • For operators

    Happier customers

    More efficient heat networks mean lower heat tariffs and happier customers. Pinpoint reduces network costs by identifying inefficiency on existing networks and allows an evidence-based approach to new ones.  

    Increased quality of service

    By ensuring heat networks are running as efficiently as possible, operators can increase the quality of their heat services, reduce the cost of revisits to find and fix problems, provide leaner heat to their customers and avoid costly inefficiencies.

    Benchmark against the market

    Pinpoint allows you to benchmark your scheme against others in the UK. All of the data is anonymous, so information can be shared securely and safely.

  • For consultants

    Better feasibility studies

    For the first time these feasibility calculations can be based on real-life data drawn from multiple heat networks – including flow and return temperatures and peak load data, removing the guess work from feasibility studies. 

    Avoid oversizing

    Oversizing is a significant risk on most heat network projects. With access to real-life peak load information, Pinpoint allows you to calculate capacity based on evidence, rather than estimations on a spreadsheet.

    Learn from past projects

    Guru Pinpoint allows you to learn from prior projects by visualising project performance, helping to cut wastage and reduce costs for clients.

guru-pinpoint-2OPEN DATA

As part of the project we released real world data on load profiles and load diversity from UK district heating schemes.

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