Guru Systems has launched its next generation of smart technology as it continues to revolutionise the performance of heat networks across the UK.

The firm has unveiled its new Hub II smart meter, which has been designed to improve residents’ experience of living on heat networks and enhance the way that heat providers monitor the performance of networks.

Hub II is the most advanced smart payment and utility monitoring system available, providing real-time data to residents and heat providers on energy usage via a wireless mesh network.

The technology is always on and eliminates the need for manual meter reads, ensuring residents are only charged for what they use.

Guru Systems has designed Hub II in conjunction with residents living on heat networks to ensure it is the most accessible, user-friendly system ever built, with a full colour display showing credit balance, instantaneous demand and consumption, tariff and standing charge data, CO2 emissions and a custom messaging service.

The system can manage and monitor up to five utility accounts and control three external control devices, such as shut off valves.

Casey Cole, Managing Director at Guru Systems, said: “We have always looked to push boundaries in the district heat market, and the Hub II does just that. Customers need to be at the centre of developing new smart technology.

“The industry has made big advances in recent years, and government sees heat networks as playing a major role in the future of creating a clean and sustainable heat supply.

“However, we must focus on developing the technology and services that improve the lives of customers and the performance of networks. This is what will ensure the long-term success off the industry. That has always been the focus of Guru Systems.”

Patrick Thomas who lives on Loughborough Park in Lambeth, London was one of the resident that helped design Hub II.

“It’s good to see residents being consulted on the design of this kind of technology,” he said. “We are the ones who have to live with the technology and use it every day. I think with some other systems that gets forgotten.

“The Hub II worked very well. The residents involved in the sessions were able to make suggestions and they were taken on board. It is the small changes that can make the biggest difference to users.”

Guru Systems has been at the heart of innovation in the heat network sector and claimed the Innovation Project of the Decade prize at this year’s Association for Decentralised Energy Awards for its Guru Pinpoint software.

Guru Pinpoint is a web-based platform that allows operators and designers of heat networks to monitor the energy efficiency of networks in real time, quickly identify costly inefficiencies and reduce carbon emissions.

The platform is used by the operators of 100 heat networks across the UK and has already reduced network losses by up to 68% on developments.

The Hub II is currently being installed on new schemes across the country.