Meet the Team

Guru Systems’ growing team is made up of some of the brightest minds from fields including energy, engineering, IoT, software development and big data analytics.

Casey Cole - Managing Director - Guru Systems
Casey Cole
Managing Director
Gilbert Lennox-King
Head of Business Development
Nic Mason
Chief Operating Officer
Conrad Wood
Chief Technical Officer
Wesley Talbott
Site Delivery Manager
Heather Salvador
Supply Chain Specialist
Rob Forbes
Site Delivery Engineer
Joseph Zara
Supply Chain and Quality Manager
Prachee Peshkar
Client Success Manager
Nick Robert
Data Scientist
Emanuele Graziano
Infrastructure Manager
Victoria Shepherd
Office Manager
Nichola Tolmie
Project Manager
Giedrius Slegeris
PHP Developer
Moses Mutina
Golang Developer
Christopher Adam
Software Engineer
Camille Gillet
R&D Product Owner