Our Technology

Guru Systems’ technology is helping our clients revolutionise the performance of heat networks, and has garnered numerous awards, including the Association for Decentralised Energy’s Innovation of the Decade.


Guru Hub II

The Guru Hub II is the next generation of smart metering technology for decentralised energy. It is the building block for our wider platform, including pay-as-you-go and Guru Pinpoint monitoring.


Guru Pinpoint

Guru Pinpoint is ground-breaking. A sector first, it gives developers, operators and engineers access to real-time performance data on heat networks, helping to identify and stamp out inefficiencies and performance issues.


Pay-as-you-go & Monitoring

Our PAYG utility platform provides residents with a simple way to control their energy use, and allows housing managers and operators to manage debt risk.

How it Works

Guru Systems’ technology is unique in its ability to provide real-time performance data across an entire heat network.

By connecting Guru Hub II smart meters via wireless mesh network, Guru Systems allows operators, developers and engineers to see live performance, from the energy centre to branch meters and individual dwellings.

With sites connected to our cloud server, clients and service providers can ensure networks are performing at expected levels and monitor usage across the site.

For residents, the Guru Hub II smart meter shows all the essential information that residents need, from their account balance to the amount of energy used, with full colour graphics making it easy to see all connected utilities.

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