Guru Pinpoint

Guru Pinpoint is a web-based platform that uses big data analytics to help our clients deliver great new heat networks and to run their existing heat networks more efficiently.

It works by taking data from the Guru Hub II and allowing operators, developers and engineers to see network performance in the energy centre, branch meters and individual meters in real-time.

It uses powerful algorithms to spot likely problems on heat networks and diagnose the root cause, providing operators with a platform to see a range of technical data to resolve issues immediately.

Changes made following faults spotted by Guru Pinpoint have already reduced losses on some networks by up to 68%, translating to significant savings on energy bills each year for residents and operators.

Guru Pinpoint has helped us to understand how to make our heat network more efficient, minimise costs for our tenants and support those at risk of fuel poverty.

Eamon Somers, Consultant Development Manager, Octavia Housing

Guru Pinpoint was developed with support from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

As part of the project we released real world data on load profiles and load diversity from UK heat network schemes.

Download data from load profiles from UK heat networks here.

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