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Guru Verify

Deliver site-wide acceptance testing in line with ADE/CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice 2020 quickly and cost effectively.

Test dwellings using the mobile app and track progress across the entire site using the web platform.

Guru Verify was designed in partnership with FairHeat.

Guru Verify

Quicker, more cost effective acceptance testing

  • Comply with ADE/CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice 2020

  • Real time centralised results support same day repairs

  • Hold your supply chain to account

  • Benchmark for future maintenance and efficiency improvements


Test dwellings using the mobile app

  • Easy to use – designed for all levels of expertise

  • Testing schedule, pass criteria and user guidance in your pocket

  • Share the workload – complete a test started by another user

  • The app works online or offline, only requiring connectivity to upload results

Guru Verify

Improve resident outcomes

  • Define testing criteria and check dwelling status remotely

  • Track progress across the entire site online

  • Access results and photographic evidence for as long as you need

Reduce heat losses by more than two-thirds

Real-world results from a project delivered by Guru Systems in partnership with FairHeat and in collaboration with the UK Government showed that proper commissioning alone can reduce heat losses on networks by more than two-thirds.

Site wide acceptance testing has also been shown to improve the resident experience by significantly reducing maintenance call outs.

CP1 2020 best practice is to carry out independent acceptance testing on 100% of dwellings. Guru Verify saves you time on site, allowing you to test all dwellings quickly and conveniently.

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