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Harvesters Way

Places for People

We helped Places for People use data driven design on their heat network for great resident outcomes. 

“We wanted to make sure we could deliver the heat network as it was designed. Applying best practice and with Guru Pinpoint throughout the project, we delivered a state-of-the-art heat network.”
Val Leslie 
Assistant Development Manager, Places for People 


Harvesters way is a new development of 183 affordable apartments located in Edinburgh. It was completed in 2016 by Places for People, one of the largest property management, development and
regeneration companies in the UK.

Each of the homes on the development is connected to a heat network that supplies residents with heating and hot water, with Places for People acting as both the landlord and the energy supplier.

As part of their commitment to delivering the lowest cost heating to residents, Places for People used Guru Systems technology.


The ambition for Places for People was to deliver one of the most efficient and effective heat network schemes in the country, where residents weren’t paying a penny more than they needed to for their heating and hot water.

To achieve this, Places for People wanted to make sure that the heat network was performing to the high standards adopted at design stage. They also needed to ensure the scheme was designed and commissioned correctly – and could efficiently deliver heat and hot water to homes from day one.

For this scheme, Places for People laid out ambitious performance targets, for example with a heat network flow temperature of 70°C and return temperatures of 40°C or lower across the whole network.


Working with building services design experts, the Keenan Consultancy, on the mechanical design and commissioning of the scheme, Places for People used data from Guru Pinpoint technology to commission critical components on the heat networks, such as the HIUs.

Guru Pinpoint provided live data on heat network performance, learning from the stream of real-time
information coming out of the Guru Hubs installed throughout the network.

This powerful platform can show the performance of the heat network in real time, for every endpoint, ensuring that commissioning was completed correctly and the supply chain achieved what was intended for each individual dwelling.


Places for People was able to reduce design capacity to 400kW for the entire scheme (via 2 x 160KW boilers and 2 x 40kWth CHP’s), and, following the first year of full site operation, the actual heat load never reached over 300kW.

This compares with typical network oversizing of up to 300 to 400%. This was a significant CAPEX saving, in the region of £1,600 per home compared to typical oversizing.

In addition, 100% witnessing was achieved – with every home’s heating and hot water system performing as designed before being occupied by residents. This was particularly important to get right in the commissioning phase because after the contractor has completed handover and dwellings are occupied, accessibility to dwellings can be costly and complicated.

Combining these factors meant that the development could achieve a 42% reduction in the variable tariff with a super low cost of heat for residents from 7p to 4p per kWh.


Access to the Guru Pinpoint platform allowed Places for People to continue to monitor network performance after the handover of homes.

This provided them with data on how well the heat network is functioning, while the Guru Hub II in each home provides tenants with details of their energy usage, which also works as a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) device.

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