Why Guru

Guru Systems believes in the power of data analytics and smart technology to optimise heat network performance and deliver low carbon, cost effective heat to millions of homes across the UK.

Our Hub II Smart Meters are the most advanced on the market – allowing residents to take complete control of their energy use, while eliminating debt risk for heat suppliers through our pay-as-you-go (PAYG) utility platform.

Our award-winning Guru Pinpoint web platform uses big data to allow developers, operators and engineers to monitor heat network performance in real-time and stamp out costly inefficiencies.

Using data from the Guru Hubs, Guru Pinpoint has led to radical improvements in the efficiency of heat networks with huge financial savings for operators and residents. It was named Innovation Project of the Decade by the Association for Decentralised Energy.

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Who Benefits

What It Means

Better feasibility studies

For the first time feasibility calculations can be based on real-life data drawn from multiple heat networks – including flow and return temperatures and peak load data, removing the guess work.

Avoid oversizing

Oversizing is a significant risk on most heat network projects. With access to real-life peak load information, our technology allows you to calculate capacity based on evidence, rather than estimations on a spreadsheet.

Learn from past projects

Guru Systems technology allows you to learn from prior projects by visualising project performance, helping to cut wastage and reduce costs for clients.

What It Means

Reduced costs

UK heat networks are typically oversized with money wasted on plant and pipes. We estimate that developers could save up to 30 percent on the cost of their mechanical packages by sizing their networks correctly – and heat networks will be more efficient as a result.

Quicker, smarter commisioning

It’s usually only possible to check a small sample of dwellings on a network to ensure heating systems are commissioned properly. Often, no check is carried out at all. Our technology means that the commissioning of Heat Interface Units (HIUs), meters, and even radiator circuits can be verified remotely for every flat, all from the comfort of your desk.

What It Means

Happier customers

More efficient heat networks mean lower bills and happier customers. Guru Systems reduces network costs by identifying inefficiency on existing networks and allows an evidence-based approach to new ones. By ensuring heat networks are running efficiently, operators can improve the quality of their services and reduce the cost of revisits to fix problems.

Eliminates debt risk

Our pay-as-you-go utility system lets energy providers and landlords decide exactly how much debt risk to take on. Operators can even choose to eliminate debt risk altogether.


With up to five utility accounts on a single Hub II, landlords can manage all common utility services through a single system.

Real-time data

Our system provides a real-time view of usage across all connected homes. Landlords and energy managers can remotely read utility meters connected to a Hub II, eliminating the need for manual reads. Guru Hub II software can be updated over the air, future proofing the system and ensuring patches or upgrades can be applied without needing access to homes.

What It Means

Take control of energy use

With up to five utility accounts on each Guru Hub II smart meter, residents have essential information about all common utility services at their fingertips. The Hub II’s simple touchscreen interface helps residents manage their energy use and budget.

Integration with payment systems

For residents on pay-as-you-go, the platform can integrate with a range of payment platforms. Whether residents top-up using direct debit, PayPoint, internet, telephone or SMS, payments can be made across our network in a flash. That means no more smart cards, and no need to trek down to the corner shop on rainy nights to top up. Just a simple system that lets residents pay in whatever way suits them.

Local top-up

If there’s ever a problem with a site’s internet connectivity, residents can still top up. When any top up payment is made, a special code is generated that can be keyed directly into the Hub’s touchscreen. When the code is entered, the resident’s account is topped up by the amount purchased.

Our Values

Guru Systems’ technology gives us unprecedented visibility of performance of heat networks.

Our expert team supports private developers, housing associations, ESCOs and local authorities across the UK.

Our award-winning technology is transforming systems so that they perform better for less cost.

We are leaders in our field. Our technology is now installed in more than 100 developments across the country.

Our Awards


We are members of the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and our products and processes have been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.

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