Guru Pay

Guru Pay is our utilities management platform.

Guru Pay allows property managers and metering and billing companies to manage tariffs, manage payments and mitigate debt risk by remotely switching customers from credit to prepayment, extending friendly or emergency credit, and enabling or disabling supply when needed.

Unlike other utilities management platforms, we untangle system infrastructure from customer services so our clients aren’t tied into long-term customer services contracts.

This means our clients’ service providers are free to operate the system themselves (with the full support of the Guru Systems team), or choose between customer service providers without having to change the equipment in each dwelling.

Our software-as-a-service platform can be used out-of-the-box via our secure web-based admin pages. For clients who want to integrate more closely, we provide a fully documented API that makes it easy to integrate with existing customer management systems.

Guru Systems’ technology has transformed the way we deliver and monitor the heat we supply to our tenants, to such an extent that we are now revisiting earlier developments to install Guru’s meters where previously we had old-fashioned prepayment meters.

Robin Feeley, Director of L&Q Energy

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